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A A K S reunites impeccable craftsmanship and a raw visceral energy of new shapes in her anticipated Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

The aesthetics of the brands recent design work is inspired by Luis Barragan’s architectural shapes and photography balancing between structure and fluidity. 

These influences pulsate through the collection with contrasting colours and contemporary ease; in shades of delicate pinks, midnight blues and vibrant reds which attunes to our creative director Akosua’s eye for artisanal detailing. 

Pieces made entirely from raffia intensify the subject of the work with leather finishing and fringe detailing creating a crisp palette which brings dynamism, desirability and play into that colourful summer spirit and heritage of the brand.

It takes approximately one week to complete each handbag, which attests to an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship using traditional methods with a crisp modern style and interpretations. Made by hand, each bag bears the fingerprints of the person who fashioned it and a signature tag is added to prove authenticity.

Akosua has showcased her work internationally in Milan, London and Cape Town and now stocks her collection in 28 stores worldwide in 8 countries including Anthropologie. The brand tells an exciting creative story of Ghana, offering a different perspective and exploratory feel of Africa.

The visual inspiration behind every design reflects a sense of spontaneity which embraces the visceral energy of Ghanaian culture and pulsates through the entire collection.  Akosua continues to build an African brand ethically and conscientiously one handbag at a time.