Augustina, 27

Augustina is an example of perseverance. She studies fashion while working part time with us in the AAKS studio. She says working here has helped her to have a better understanding of material and discovered the « real life » of a fashion brand. It’s Augustina who creates meticulously each tassel and all leather weaving aspects of our bags. After a long day studying and working, she still finds the energy to look for inspiration to create new designs.  


Sarah, 21

Sarah is the youngest in our team. This talented lady had just finished high school in Accra the capital city when she joined us a year ago. She is in charge of the quality control of our raw materials before it gets to our weavers. She also takes care of the leather and bag finishings which she says is her favourite work for its soothing aspect. When she’s not working on making your bag impeccable, she is reading books, her favourite hobby and spends hours reading every novel she can get her hands on!


Christabel, 22

Christabel is a tourism student at Kwame Nkrumah Science and Technology University in Ghana and has been working with us for two years now. She comes to the studio on a part time basis and takes care of all hand sewing of our bags. She is passionate about music and is a really good singer - not to mention her amazing dancing skills! You should see her dancing while stitching, its very impressive.

YAW 2h.jpg

Yaw, 37
Yaw was the first person to join me at the studio when I started AAKS in 2014. He learnt how to sew when he was 20 years old and from then he hasn’t stopped. He is hardworking and takes care of all the sewing at the studio and also oversees the wetting process of our bags, to ensure they get the perfect shape. The coolest thing is that he designs his own clothes using African print fabrics and he looks amazing in it!


Monica, 28

Monica has been working with us for a year and half now. She knows pretty much everything about AAKS and very meticulous. She studied Home Economics and majored in Fashion at Winneba University in Ghana. She is a pattern making genius and also takes care of the lining and finishings our bags. When she is not making magic in the studio, you can find her painting, drawing and designing clothes. And she also makes delicious cakes!